Introduction Q&A

Hey everyone and welcome to our blog! We’re Ashley (left) and Nydira (right) and we’re super excited to start this blog. We figured we would introduce ourselves by doing a question and answer for you guys to get to know more about us. Hope y’all enjoy! Scroll to the bottom to subscribe and check out our current fav song!


What is your name?

Ashley and Nydira

Birthdays and Zodiac signs?

Ashley: 9/17/1995; Virgo

Nydira: 7/11/1996; Cancer

Where are you from?

Ashley: Houston, Tx

Nydira: Brooklyn, Ny

How did you meet?

We met first through twitter, when Nydira had recently transferred to University of Houston. From back and forth convo through social media, we both learned that we were both Caribbean (Ashley is Jamaican, Nydira is Trinidadian and Jamaican) and we also both had the same major. It took us and entire year to finally meet up, and from there we became inseparable.

Why did you decide to name the blog 2 Curly Gyals?

We wanted to name the blog something that would represent us both. Our curly hair is something that defines us and also being from the Caribbean which is why we decided to use gyals instead of girls, because were not your regular typical girls lol.

How old are you?

Ashley: 22

Nydira: 21

Why did you start the blog?

Ashley: For me this is something I have been wanting to do since last year. Beauty and fashion are two things that I am interested in and I just wanted a way to connect with others and share these things. I wanted to do this blog with Nydira because figured two of us could offer more than one and I enjoy collaborating on things.

Nydira: I wanted to start this blog to share my favorite beauty secrets, and mostly give advice and share things I go through. To also have something to look back on and watch my growth in adulthood. I also wanted to create something different where some of our post will come from us individually and also from both of our perspectives.

What can viewers look forward to on our blog?

Ashley: I’m excited to share beauty, hair, and fashion tips as well as music and advice.

Nydira: From me personally, beauty and hair tips, also DIY’s, and my favorite advice/girl talk.

Do we attend college, if so classification?

Ashley: Senior, graduating May 2018

Nydira: Senior, graduating December 2018


Ashley: Major – Psychology, Minor – Health

Nydira: Major – Psychology, Minor – Human Development and Family Studies.

Goals for 2018?

Ashley: My goals are to graduate, get into nursing school, and work on managing my money.

Nydira: My Goals for this year are to graduate, travel more, and to also do what makes Nydira happy.

Favorite memory together?

Ashley: When Nydira came over the night before Valentine’s day and I made quesadillas and the chocolate covered strawberries (I had to make white chocolate for Nydira because she doesn’t like chocolate lmao) and the next day we went to City Centre to take these pics.

Nydira: My favorite memory together, is when I came to spend the night by Ashley for New Years and we brought in the new year together.

3 Words to Describe yourself?

Ashley: Caring, generous, and hard working.

Nydira: Senistive lmao, caring, strong.

Tattoos and Piercings?

Ashley: One tattoo, two piercings.

Nydira: Four tattoos, two piercings.

Favorite beauty product?

Ashley: Buxom Hot Toddy lip gloss.

Nydira:  Fenty Foundation or RoseBud Smiths lipbalm.

Favorite place to shop?

Ashley: Fashion Nova and Victoria Secret PINK

Nydira: Victoria Secret PINK

First Concert?

Ashley: Beyonce at the Rodeo. 

Nydira: Beyonce concert when i was about 10yrs old lol.

If you could travel anywhere where would it be?

Ashley: Dubai. (We are have so many answers in common lol)

Nydira: Im dying to go to Dubai.

What app do you use the most/your favorite?

Ashley: Snapchat before the update lol.

Nydira: It was Snapchat before this update, now its Twitter.

Favorite Quote?

Ashley: “Sometimes when things are falling apart they may actually be falling into place.”

Nydira: “The pain you feel today, is the strength you feel tomorrow.”

Lastly, we will be sharing playlists with you guys every month. So here’s our playlist for February. It includes some of our fav songs at the moment! 2 Curly Gyals: February Playlist




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