Beauty Essentials.

Okay ladies! (and the men who just so happen to be on our blog.) First off we would like to say Welcome Back to our blog. Secondly, we hope you guys enjoyed our intro post. In todays post, we decided to spill the tea and pick out our top 5 fav beauty products (the last product is both of our favs lol), that we recommend to you guys. This was honestly a struggle, because we both have so many beauty fav’s in common. Never the less we hope you enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe at the bottom of our page so you can receive notifications every time we post.

Ashley’s Picks


1: Fenty Foundation:

Ok ladies, this is my favorite foundation EVER! I love love love this foundation. It’s the first foundation i’ve tried that matches my skin perfectly, honestly I probably only tried like 3 others before this, but now that I found this I don’t need to try anything else! I highly recommend this foundation. It gives a super smooth natural look.


2. Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara:

Ok next up is mascara, and this one is the best! I feel like I already have semi long eye lashes but this mascara makes my lashes even longer and makes them more defined. This is definitely my go to and the only mascara I use.


3. Buxom Hot Toddy Lip Gloss:

This is the first lip gloss I pick up weather i’m just going to school or it’s a night out! I love this lipgloss for three reasons … it’s super glossy so my lip gloss is poppin *in Lil Mama’s voice* lol, it’s a neutral color which is my fav, and it’s also a lip plumper.

4. Carli Bybel Palette:

I honestly haven’t been into makeup for long in my opinion but this was one of the first palettes I got. I love using this palette to highlight, the one with the heart around it is my fav. If you want you’re highlight to be on FLEEK then I definitely suggest trying out this palette. Always has my highlight popping!

Nydira’s Picks


1. Aloe Vera Soothing Gel : 

Okay, so lets start with my favorite face moisturizer ever! Not only does this fade dark marks, but it also keeps your skin glowing. The real reason its my fav is because anytime I have a pimple I use this on it, and its dried out and smaller by the next morning.


2. Kaylux Cosmetics Setting Powder : 

Ladies, if you use Laura Mercier setting powder, get this one.. its 10x better! I love this powder when I need to bake and set my make up. It has 0% flash back, so if your tired of looking ashy in all your pics sis, I definitely recommend it.


3. Rose Bud Salve Lip Balm ( Coconut & Mango )

My favorite lip balm ever! I love the entire line because of the consistency and texture. But the coconut and mango flavor smells the absolute best. This lip balm has it all from keeping your lips moisturized and glossy looking, but not sticky at all. And its only $6, so you cant beat that!


4. Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb

So Ashley and I both love the buxom lip gloss in Hot Toddy, but whenever I don’t have it with me this is my next goto. I love it because its Bad Gyal RiRi of course! But this Gloss Bomb also smells Bomb! (no pun intended) The color also looks good alone and on top of any lipstick. When i’m wearing a “natural” beat makeup look, I put on my lip balm and this on top and it last all day!

Lastly … We both love this one! Lol

( CoCo Lotion Coconut Oil Hydrating Body Lotion & Scrub Down Coconut Oil Smoothing Body Scrub )


Ashley: Ok ladies if you haven’t tried these products yet then I definitely would. Especially while they’re still $10 each at VS PINK. These two products go hand in hand. I love this scrub because it has my skin feeling moisturized as soon as I rinse it off in the shower. And the lotion is the perfect thing use after, it feels and smells super refreshing!

Nydira: I love this body scrub and lotion from Victoria Secret! When I’m in the shower I use the scrub all over to exfoliate, and it makes my skin so soft and moisturized. When I get out I put on the lotion and, the scent literally last all day on me. I’ve never had a lotion or perfume last or compliment my natural body oils so well.


We hope you enjoyed our top 5 beauty products! P.S. Don’t forget to subscribe below, and also check out our instagram’s and playlist of the month from our last post. We also uploaded a new song (Mine by Bazzi) down below so check that out! See you next time (;



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