The Pros/Cons Of Living On & Off Campus

Hey guys, welcome back to our blog! If you didn’t notice we did take a break last week. But now we’re back in action. Have you been wondering if you should stay on campus at school? or stay home and save money? Well, Ashley and I are here to give you the pros and cons of each being that Ashley stays off campus and I stay on campus.

Nydira: I lived on campus every year I’ve been in school, and there has been some pros and cons! Here is my take on staying on campus.


  • Convenient:
    • Living on campus has been convenient for me because I can sleep in and still wake up and walk to class within 10minutes. Everything you need is right here so the majority of the time you don’t need a car. I didn’t have a car until my senior year.
  • Gains Independence:
    • I gained independence living on campus by figuring out what am I eating for the day, how am I buying groceries, how am I going to get to work, pay my bills, I’ve been doing things in my own for myself, being that I was no longer at home with my family.
  • Don’t Have To Commute:
    • Not having to commute was very so much a pro for me because I didn’t have to pay for parking, I didn’t have to struggle to find parking or wake up so much earlier to head to campus for classes on time. (I’m very lazy lol)
  • Easier To Get Involved With Organizations:
    • Being able to have access to the campus so easily, I have been able to join organizations such as The Collegiate 100 💛 and Caribbean Student Organizations. I’ve been able to find more interest in myself and grow as an individual and gain friends I will have forever. Being able to attend meetings when needed was convenient, and also being open to experiences I didn’t know I needed or want, helped me also.
  • You Have a Home Away From Home:
    • For me, my family lives about 45minutes away from my school, so if I needed anything my family had me, but if I also wanted alone time or anything I would head back to my apartment/dorm. (I’ve stayed in both).


  • Less Privacy:
    • Once you live on campus, the majority of the time you will have a roommate/ roommates.😭 Some people have had great experiences and gained lifelong friends. I wish that was the case for me, I’ve had something wrong with every roommate I ever had (but we won’t get into that 🙃). Just know you will never be alone, and remember NOT EVERYONE WAS RAISED LIKE YOU!
  • Rules That Are Stupid:
    • Living on campus I’ve had to deal with stupid rules such as not having company for more than 3 days. Like what?
  • Way More Expensive:
    • Although living on campus is convenient it happens to be way more than commuting, I could have saved at least 5,000 a semester by staying home.. so guess what I’m doing next semester?? 😂💀

Overall for me personally I wouldn’t mind doing it again, just with no roommates. If anything, I would get my own apartment away from campus but close enough to the university. I always convince my younger cousins to stay on campus because of the experiences they will have and also help them gain independence. Just remember do what’s best for your situation.


Ashley: I’ve lived at home while in college and while I loved it, there were also some cons. Here are the pros and the cons …


  • Saving Money:
    • College can be expensive but by living at home I don’t have to pay for housing. I also save money on groceries since my parents provide those too.
  • Family Time:
    • I really am close to my parents & sisters so I knew leaving them would be hard for me but by staying at home I still get to spend time with them.
  • Not Sharing a Room/Apartment:
    • When I went to orientation for college we had to spend the night in dorms & we shared rooms while it was fun I knew I didn’t wanna live with anyone else lol.
  • Fewer Distractions:
    • Lol, I know at times I can easily be distracted & that can still happen even though I’m at home but🤦🏽‍♀️ it’s a lot easier for me to go to my room & ignore my family then ignore events on campus lol.


  • Commuting:
    • I have to drive about 45 mins to get to campus & then I have to take the shuttle to get to class. And let’s not even talk about traffic 🤦🏽‍♀️😂
  • Spending Money:
    • So I know I said saving money before but I also spend more money on gas and food on campus lol
  • Missing Out:
    • Living at home definitely makes it harder for me to attend events on campus (maybe because I’m lazy lol) or hang out with friends unless I plan ahead.

Overall I don’t regret my decision to live at home. I may have missed out on joining clubs or attending events/parties but I got to share my college experience with my family. And I think that I had a good balance of family and school events. If you’re a family person and don’t mind driving then living at home may be best for you, especially if you don’t live far from campus.

We hope you guys enjoyed this post! and maybe it helped you make a decision 🤷🏽‍♀️ If you haven’t checked out our previous posts don’t forget to do that and stay tuned for next week, we’ll be uploading a new playlist for April! Don’t forget to subscribe down below! Peace & love ❤️


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