2 Curly Gyals Bucket List

Hey guys, welcome back to the blog. This week we’re sharing a little more about ourselves and telling you what’s on our bucket list! We hope you enjoy and don’t forget to check out our new playlist for this month. We decided to do a 90’s playlist. 2 Curly Gyals 90s Mix: April 🌼💛 We hope you enjoy!


  • Travel to Dubai: Since I was younger I’ve had family that always traveled to beautiful countries like Dubai and would always bring me back gifts. Since then it’s given me the push to travel more, Dubai is at the top of my list because it is so beautiful there and it’s been a dream to go.
  • Attend more concerts: In my life, I’ve only been to two concerts, B2K and Beyonce. I was only in elementary school so my memory isn’t that great of them. But I’m dying to see Beyonce again, Rihanna, Drake.
  • To become completely vegan: In summer 2017 I became completely vegan for health reasons. I went cold turkey and did pretty good until it was holiday szn and my Carribean family decided to cook oxtail and crab 😭 I couldn’t resist. Since then I have made a transition to be a pescatarian, although I don’t eat any dairy products with the exception of cheese.. but the ultimate goal is to be completely vegan. No meat, no seafood, no dairy products. Healthier options all 2018!
  • Move to Florida: With me graduating soon, I want to make a change in my life and start over. I’m originally from Brooklyn living in Houston, and I want to start my next chapter in Florida.


  • Go to St.Lucia: This is where my grandpa is from & my mom always tells stories of visiting when she was younger. I would love to visit with my mom to see the places she talks about.
  • Go on a cruise: This seems like so much fun when I see other people do it. I love to travel & I would love to experience different places all on one trip!
  •  See Drake in concert: I know he’s been to Houston multiple times but somehow i’ve never been even though he’s one of my fav artists. I’m definitely gonna try to go next time he’s on tour.
  • Sumfest: If you don’t already know this is a huge concert/festival in Jamaica. I’ve been to Jamaica multiple times & going to sumfest is something i’ve always wanted to do but never have. I love reggae and dancehall music so going this concert is something I wanna do soon!

Thank you guys for coming back each and every Friday! We truly hope you enjoy the content we have been posting. Comment down below if you’ve ever done any of these things or tell us what’s on your bucket list! For our next post we would love to do an advice column, send your questions to our email 2curlygyals@gmail.com and you could be featured in our next post. Lastly don’t forget to check our new playlist of the month of April, this one is for our 90’s babies! Here it is again .. 2 Curly Gyals 90s Mix: April 🌼💛

✌🏾 & 🖤,
Nydira & Ashley.


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