What You Need To Know Before Your Interview 101

Hey guys welcome back! We’re back again this week to share our interview tips with you guys. This is only from our experience and what works for us, that can hopefully work for you all! We hope that these tips can help you guys out when preparing for an interview.


  1. No matter where you are applying or interviewing, make sure to look up information about the company. It always looks good when you know what the company is about and how they operate. It will also give you the oppurtunity to ask questions. Which will look good to the person interveiwing you that you have interest in their company.
  2. Dress the part! Never show up to an interview in blue jeans, basic tee or polo, sandals, maxi dresses, bodycon dresses their all a NO. Its key to keep a few blouses or button downs, black jeans or black slacks, blazer and a cardigan and lastly some flats, black because it goes with everything lol. This gives you options for different types of jobs. For example if I were going to interview for a fast food restaurant I would wear black jeans and nice blouse and my cardigan and your good to go. Where as if your applying to a daycare, I would wear slacks, nice blouse that you can move around in and blazer or cardigan. You can definitley play around with these staple pieces.
  3. Be prepared! πŸ‘πŸΎ Almost every job i’ve had, the employer always ask me to tell them a little about myself. By knowing this you can write in your notes a little about me that you would like to say. They need to know the basics but make yourself interesting. For example I would say “My name is Nydira Balgobin, I am originally from Brooklyn, New York moved to Houston about 10 years ago. I am currently attending The University of Houston, where I will be getting my BS in Psychology and I am also minoring in Human Development and Family Studies. I am the Special Event CHair in my organization Collegiate 100, which is something I like to do in my free time. I also mentor elementary kids with the organization Dream Academy. After Graduation I would like to attend grad school to recieve my PhD in School Psychology, so that I can become an School Psychologist to help kids with disadvantages.” I advise to keep it short but with all that being said they will have very few questions to ask you.


  1. Be confident! If you’re like me then you probably get nervous before an interview. And on top of that being shy makes it even worse 😩 so first prepare for your interview and then when you know you’re ready BE CONFIDENT! I recently had an interview and trust me I was super nervous, sweating and all lol. But to calm down & make sure I was confident I did a few things, I went over the things I wanted to say in my head, I wore a nice outfit because looking nice makes you feel better lol. And lastly I listened to some of my fav songs on the drive over & gave myself a little pep talk before going in!
  2. Be on time! And by be on time I mean be early. At least 10 mins. You wanna make a good first impression and being late won’t do that. Also if you’re early then you have a few minutes to to go over what you wanna say again before going in or make small talk with other employees, maybe a receptionist who’s in the front and maybe they give you some tips.
  3. Our last tip is ask questions! From my experience the person interviewing will usually ask if you have any questions at the end. It’s good to ask some. Think of questions you might have ahead of time & write them down or put them in your phone so you don’t forget. You can also ask something about the company that you didn’t find when you did research on it, it shows that you are interested and I think it’s a good way to leave a lasting impression.

We hope that y’all enjoyed this post and thank you guys for coming back every Friday to see our posts! As always if you’re new here don’t forget to subscribe down below.


Ashley & Nydira


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