How To Survive Finals 📝📚✏️

Hey everyone, welcome back to our blog. So, it’s finals time now and if you’re anything like us then that means STRESS STRESS STRESS 😩 Well we’re here to share with you guys some things we do to try and handle the stress. Hope you guys enjoy!


  1. Netflix: Take a break and watch some one of your favorite shows on Netflix, or cable, or Hulu whatever you prefer lol. Try to relax and don’t think about the finals or studying or papers. Try to destress, but not for too long lol. Watch an episode or two of a show and then get back to studying!
  2. Treat Yourself: Get your favorite snack to eat while working. Maybe some Starbucks that way it can keep you awake as well. I like to get smoothies sometimes when i’m not in the mood for coffee, they can also give you energy. And if you need a real break take 30 minuets to go have some lunch or dinner and then get back to working.
  3. Take a Relaxing Shower: or bath if you prefer. Whenever i’m studying or doing a lot of homework and I just can’t take it anymore I like to go take a shower and try to calm down. The shower normally helps me destress and feel reenergized and ready to get back to work!
  4. Exercise: or yoga, whichever you like. As much as I hate exercising sometimes it does boost my mood. It’s a good way to take a break and take your mind off of whatever is stressing you out. And you’re killing two birds with one stone. You get your workout done for the day and you get a break from studying and stressing.
  5. Sleep: If all else fails then take a nap or go to sleep and wake up later or the next morning and try again lol 😂 There’s been plenty of times when I have been completely burned out and have to just stop whatever i’m doing. You’re not doing yourself any favors if you are trying to study but not retaining anything. So get some sleep and continue later!


  1. Music: Listening to music always puts me in a better mood, and also calms me down. For me specfically while studying or doing any type of homework music keeps me motivated.
  2. To Do List: Creating a To Do List during finals week helps you stay organized. It also helps you map out what all you have to do before finals, what you need to turn in etc. I advise making the list visible like on your fridge, white board in your room, or even in your phone like I do.
  3. Snacks: Food is ALWAYS essential, no matter if its finals week or not. But my tip to you is get your favorite candy, salty snack, whatever you choose, and while studying put your snack on each question, or paragraph your studying and eat as you finish reading or answering a question.
  4. Naps: Not only is sleeping a good 8 hours throughout the night essential, but very hard to achieve while in school. I suggest naps, whether its a 30 min nap or a 2 hour nap, get your rest. You will not retain information by pulling all nighters every test you take.
  5. Stay Away From Social Media: With the generation we are in, alot of us revolve our life around social media. We wake up and scroll through instagram, we stay up late watching youutube videos. My suggestion to you, is to set a time during the day where you can look at social media for 20minutes and then get back to the books. After you have your time turn your phone off or put it on dnd and focus. It may be hard for some but you  have to discipline yourself in order to focus and get the good grades you want.

We hope that y’all enjoyed this post and thank you guys for coming back every Friday to see our posts! As always if you’re new here don’t forget to subscribe down below.

     ✌🏽 & ❤

       Nydira & Ashley


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