Our Top 10 Favorite Places To Shop!

Hey Gyals, we’re back at it with another post! Giving you our top 10 places to shop and why. We’re going to tell you where to find the good deals to get the most out of your mulaaa! Hope you enjoy!



  • Marshalls: I just want to let yall know, yall are extremely slept on Marshalls! They always have good deals. Don’t tell nobody else this but I always find adidas shirts and shorts here, and even nike. Besides the name brand stuff they sometimes have a few good pieces to choose from. Also their beauty section is bomb too, I always find expensive hair products like Paul Mitchell, Carols Daughter, Chi and others for the low and normally they have some bomb face mask that I always love trying.
  • Lulu’s: This is a online fashion boutique, that has almost everything you can think of! It is a little pricey for the average broke college student like myself. But its worth it. Also their return and exchange policy is bomb. I recently bought my birthday dress and shoes from their, so stay tuned on my instagram to see pictures! also stay tuned for Ashley and I post about my bday trip coming the second week of July!
  • Target: Oh I mean Tarjay, cause im bougie as hell and Tarjay is bougie! This the store you don’t goto to look for just one thing, cause it will always show you what more you need. Does that make sense? lmao this is my goto store for essentials, if its skincare, cute tops, hair products, a new cup (i’m addicted to cups), and if i need to get someone a gift this is also my goto for cute cards and gift bags!
  • Forever 21: Just like Lulu’s this store has everything too, i’m sure you knew that though. I like going here for all my basics, like v-necks, cardigans, and recently swimsuits here have been coming through for me! If you check now they are having 50% off swimsuits!! Prices here are always reasonable, especially when you on a budget and need to find an outfit for an occasion.
  • Adidas: From the shoes, to clothes, adidas brand is my favorite! I love their different designs that they come up with on their bodysuits and shirts. And we all know the 3 stripe original design is a classic!


  • Victoria Secret: So i’ve said this before but VS is still one of my fav places to shop, and not necessarily for the underwear (which I do love). VS also has cute casual clothes, sweats, tights, shorts, tanks, tees, hoodies, you name it lol. And also I love the beauty section. I especially love coconut scented items. And they have some new masks I want to try. Lastly if you sign up for their credit card they have a pretty good rewards system and the more money you spend the more money they send you back!
  • Fashion Nova: Okay so I know a lot of people have beef with FN lol and I have to admit their return/exchange system sucks. BUT I still love their clothes they always have cute stuff and you can often find look a likes of more expensive items. Also they almost always have 20% or 30% so you can get some pretty good deals.
  • Ross: Okay so I was sleep on Ross. I always shopped at Marshalls and TJMaxx but never Ross for some reason. Recently I went to Ross and realized I was missing out. Ross has great deals. They have tops for $10 and less, I got tops for work and cute crop tops. They also have sunglasses for $10 and name brand bags for good prices! Ross is def one of my go to places to shop now!
  • Steve Madden: This is my top favorite places to shop for shoes! Sandals and heels! I’m pretty sure half my shoes are Steve Madden lol. If you shop at an outlet store you’re gonna find some good deals! Also they have a new reward system where your rack up points and can get $10 or more off future purchases. I got $25 off my last purchase!
  • Ulta: Lastly I LOVE Ulta! They have pretty much all the makeup and skin care items that I use. Only thing missing is the Fenty collection lol. But if i’m buying anything else then Ulta is my go to for makeup. Ulta also has a good rewards system where you rack up points and can money off future purchases as well. 

We hope you guys enjoyed this post and maybe we put you on to some stores or deals you didn’t know about before. As always we appreciate you guys and if you haven’t already subscribe down below, we have some good posts planned for the upcoming weeks!


Ashley & Nydira

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