Summer Essentials👙🌞

Hey Gyals, We’re back at it giving you our must haves for this summer! If you are in Texas like us, we feel your pain. The humidity is ridiculous. Texas weather makes 90 degrees feel like 106 ! no joke. Anyways since its first Friday we have a new playlist this month! Since were telling you our summer essentials might as well give you our summer vibes! Check out our playlist here … Summer Vibes 🌴☀️


  • Paul Mitchell Curls Full Circle Leave in Treatment: So this is my first summer essential. If you’re like me then your more likely to rock you natural hair during the summer time instead of straightening it and if that’s the case then you’re gonna want your curls to be poppin! and this product will do just that. I recently started this and it’s my new fav it keeps my hair moisturized and from getting frizzy. The only downside is it’s def expensive to me, it costs $19 which is more than i’ve spent on hair products in the past. But to me it’s worth it!
  • Sunblock ☀️: Okay so I know we all want to get a little tan in the summer right but we don’t want skin cancer so sunblock is necessary. Most of us may be traveling during the summer and if you’re gonna be outside for a long period of time especially at the beach or pool then you’re gonna wanna use sunblock. That might seem obvious right but I actually wanted to share my fav sunblock with guys which is from the brand Hawaiian Tropic. I love this sunblock because it doesn’t leave a white residue and it feels just like lotion. Also it has sparkles in it so you’ll even have a glow!
  • Body Oil ✨: This is a summer essential for me because it will have your skin glowing! I don’t know about you guys but I almost always have my legs out in the summer time. 9 times out of 10 i’m wearing shorts and sometimes a dress. When I only use lotion my legs will still look kind of dry lol. But once I use some body oil then my legs are glowing. I like to use VS Pink body oil or Vaseline body oil gel.
  • Insulated water bottle or cup: This a def an essential lol. Like we said earlier if you live in Texas like us or anywhere in the south then you know how hot the summers can get. And not only is it hot but it’s humid so water is a necessity lol. I never leave the house without water and having an insulated bottle/cup really is worth it because your water will stay cold even if you leave it in the car for a little. I have an Rtic cup and I also have a water bottle that Nydira got me for part of my grad gift and I use one of these pretty much everyday!
  • A polaroid camera 📷: This isn’t necessarily just a summer essential but i’m including it in here because normally during the summer we end up doing a lot more fun things than we would normally do and I love to capture those moments. Of course you can take pics on your phone but I think it’s nice to have an instant actual picture sometimes and then you can hang them around your room later!


So I’m going to start my summer essentials list with …

  • insulated water bottle 🥤 – although this is the same as ash, it is an essential! I would say year round, but especially in the summer. Having water to keep you hydrated in this summer heat! NYC is going through a heat wave right now, and Texas humidity is no joke. Having this type of water bottle is key because it keeps your drink cold for hours! Don’t drink that plastic water bottle you left in your car! But if you leave your insulated water bottle you protected sis!
  • Breathable clothing 👙👗 – this is an essential because we don’t want anyone walking around with sweat marks on your clothes. Sometimes it happens in your underarms and you can’t help it! But that’s okay because my next summer essentials is….
  • Deodorant – now normally I don’t sweat as much, but it’s something about this Texas heat that makes me sweat. (I know tmi, but it’s the truth). I never been a musty one though and that’s thanks to deodorant. Recently I’ve picked up secrets new invisible spray deodorant and it’s been life changing! No white marks for when you at the beach or wearing those strapless tops!
  • Sunglasses 🕶 – for the summer, for the haters, you need some shades when you being shady! Lol but on a serious note this is such an essential for those bright sunny days! My favorite type of Sunglasses are oversized ones and shades that are mirrored are cuteee!
  • Body Shimmer ✨ – whether it’s an oil, lotion or spray we allllll should be using some body shimmer to have us glowinggggg all summer 18! I have been dying to try badgalriri body lava but I didn’t get my hands on it! But for years now I’ve been using kaylux cosmetics body shimmer oil and lotion smells bomb and it leaves you shining throughout the day. Her body oil is actually water proof too, so if you take a dip in the pool you’ll still be shining!


Hope you guys enjoyed this post and maybe even learned about some new products. As always thanks for reading and don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already! 


Nydira & Ashley


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