Back to School Look Book: College Edition

Hey gyals! It’s Ashley here, I’m taking over this week because Nydira had surgery. I’ll be showing you guys some easy looks that you can wear to class, hanging out at campus event, or if you have a presentation coming up. You guys can recreate these looks and make them your own. I also encourage you guys to check out your local Ross, TJMaxx, or Marshalls because you’ll notice that’s where I got a lot of the items from this look book! So here’s look #1!

1. Casual Look

Okay so this look is super casual & I like to call this the Monday morning look because no one likes Mondays right? Lol, so this look is super simple and easy to throw on in the morning. You can get these 2 piece legging sets pretty much anywhere now but I happened to get mine from Fashion Nova. I paired this with some Nike Prestos that I got from Marshalls. Add a backpack and your ready to go! Also notice the pepper spray on my backpack which you know is an essential if you saw our post from last week.

(Click the store names to shop what I got or similar items!)

Legging Set: Fashion Nova

Shoes: Foot Action

Backpack: Victoria Secret PINK (Black isn’t available anymore)

2. Urban Look

Okay so I like to call this the put together look because it’s still pretty casual but it looks like you put more effort into your outfit lol. I paired some camo baggy pants with a crop tee shirt (from Ross) and vans. Can’t get much easier than that lol. And you look cute but still comfortable.

Pants: Fashion Nova

Shirt: Fashion Nova

Shoes: Zumiez

3. Presentation Day Look

So I included this look because everyone has that one class that they end up having a presentation and they need to dress up. I combined some staple pieces to create a simple dressed up look. Every girl should have black pants, a blazer, and black flats! I got this top from Ross and the flats from Burlington, so believe me when are say I got them for a steal!

Blazer: Target

Top: Forever 21

Pants: H&M

Flats: DSW

4. Girly Look

Now this look a little more dressy but trust me it’s still pretty simple lol. This look is for when you just feel like looking cute, maybe it’s Friday and you woke up feeling good and your going to hang out with friends after class so you decided to dress up. I paired a denim skirt (from Marshalls) with a halter body suit and Nike Prestos. I also got this backpack from Marshalls.

Bodysuit: Forever 21

Skirt: Forever 21

Shoes: Finish Line

Back Pack: Target

I hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I did. Comment down below what your favorite look was. And as always thank you guys for reading and don’t forget to subscribe down below!

✌🏽 & ❤️


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