Favorite Skin Care Products!

Hey Gyals, welcome back! This week we are telling you our favorite skin care products, and what they do for our skin! We also would like to give a S/O to our sissy Amanda! It was her 21st birthday on tuesday! Go follow her on instagram @pandeezy_ and tell her Happy Birthday!!! Also we have a new playlist this month click the link to hear some of our current favs! 2CurlyGyals September Playlist: Current Favs 🔥

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For starters, we have to wash our face right? So I’ve been using Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Face Wash, it honestly get the job done for me! To also wash my face I’ve been using my clairsonic mia 2! Ive been using this on and off now for the past two years. It is a great gentle exfoliate for every day and helps you get deep into your pores!

After washing my face I use a toner, it is the Thayers Witch Hazel in Rose Petal. I’ve been using this for a while now and I love it! Im three bottles in lol! This is alcohol free which is amazing for your skin. Also witch hazel is great for acne, and scarring and also controlling oiliness. 


As for my moisturizer I use vitamin e oil to help with my scarring. I use specifically the one from Trade Joes, but I’m sure any brand of Vitamin E oil will give you the same effect! But not only does this help with my scars, It also leaves my skin glowy in the morning!


I couldn’t end my favorite skincare products without listing my favorite face mask! I have two! I really enjoy Lush’s Mask of Magnanimity and Origins Clear Improvements Charcoal mask! Both mask give great benefits to my skin, it pulls all the impurities out and tightens pores! When its that time of the month and I’m breaking out I can use either or as a spot treatment!



Okay so let’s start with cleanser! I like to use the Clear Proof System from Mary Kay. Now I love this system because it comes with a clarifying cleansing gel, a blemish control toner, an oil free moisturizer, and acne treatment gel for $45 which to me is a good deal for four products. This was one of the products I used that first cleared up my acne so I def recommend! I like to use a Cleansing Scrubber when washing my face and then I mix the moisturizer and treatment gel together to moisturize. 

Okay so after cleansing I like to occasionally do a mask! My fav mask I actually got from Marshalls and it is a Tea Tree Mask from Body Prescriptions. Now if you don’t know about the wonders of tea tree oil and acne already then you’re sleep lol. Go get you a tea tree mask asap, I promise you won’t regret it.


Another skin care fav of mine is pure Tea Tree Oil. I love to this use as spot treatment so whenever I notice any bumps coming up I apply this directly to my face. A lot of people say you should dilute it with water but I’ve never done this and haven’t had any problems but maybe if you have sensitive skin you should dilute it. 

My last skin care fav is this Coco Sugar Lip Scrub from Victoria Secret Pink. So there’s two things I love and that’s tea tree oil and coconut oil lol. So you can see why I like this scrub. It instantly leaves my lips soft and moisturized without even using any chapstick after. 10/10 recommend! 

As always we hope you guys enjoyed this post! Comment down below what some of your favorite skin care products are! Until next time …


Ashley & Nydira

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