Our Favorite Fall Treats!

Hey gyals! It’s fall now and starting to get colder, which means we like to indulge in some sweet and savory snacks. So we decided to share our favorite fall treats and while some of these are available all year round for some reason they just taste better during the fall lol.

1. Pumpkin Spice Latte: Everyone loves pumpkin spice lattes right? lol. We do and it’s one of the things we’re most excited about when fall comes around, other than the cold weather lol, but now that it’s starting to cold out we can actually enjoy a hot pumpkin spice latte!


2. Coffee Cake: Another thing you can get at Starbucks lol. Tastes so good to have a warm coffee cake on a cold morning and this goes well with any warm drink too! Another favorite we have is this one minute coffee cake you can purchase at the grocery store just incase you dont have time to hit up starbucks, you can quickly make this on the go.


3. Pillsbury Sugar Cookies: Now these are available during different holiday seasons but right now you can get ones with pumpkins or ghosts on them for halloween. And they are super tasty and addicting!


4. Apple Pie: A Thanksgiving favorite! But we love it year round lol. Who doesn’t love apple pie lol especially when it’s warm and served with vanilla ice cream. Definitely a necessity during the fall.


5. White Hot Chocolate: Another fav from Starbucks lol. This hot chocolate is super sweet and warming on those cold mornings. And if you don’t like regular chocolate this is a good alternative.


6. Candy Corn: A halloween fav! Now some people love this candy and some hate it lol. But it’s a fun halloween candy and it’s good in moderation or mixed with other snacks to create a nice fall mix!


7. Caramel Apple Pops: Another candy that is perfect for fall because of the apple and caramel flavor. Nydira literally grew up on these, one of her favorite candies!


8. S’mores: A super sweet snack that’s also warm which makes it perfect for the fall! If you like marshmallows or chocolate then you’ll love this and it’s also fun to make lol! Taste even better with cinnamon sugar graham crackers!


9. Banana Bread:  Another flavorful fall favorite. Can be great for cold mornings when warmed up and eaten with a warm drink! Home made Banana Bread is our favorite, we can eat this pretty much anytime of the day.


10.  Sugarfina Fuji Apple Caramels: Another candy that combines apple and caramel flavors which is perfect for the fall. A little more expensive than your average candy but it’s worth it!


Hope you guys enjoyed this post, comment down below some of your favorite fall treats! Until next time …


Ashley & Nydira

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