Winter Curly Hair Routine

Hey gyals so we’ve done our wash and go routine before but we decided to give an updated curly hair routine today. We’re giving you the tea on new products we’ve been using and any changes in our routine for the winter. So let’s get right into it …


So for me the major change in my routine for the winter is that I don’t wash my hair as often because it’s cold and I don’t want to go out or go to sleep with wet hair. So I wash my hair once a week or every other week using OGX. Currently to condition I have been using Carol’s Daughters Rhassoul Clay Hair Mask and my hair has been super soft. While in the shower I comb my hair out with a paddle brush and then a wide tooth comb, I just feel this makes my curls look better. After washing my hair I use Curls Cashmere & Caviar Leave in Conditioner followed by Curls Goddess Curl Gel to lock the style in. To maintain my curls I sleep in a silk bonnet. The next day I just spray with water and add more product, I’ll wear it out for a couple days before switching up and wearing a pony tail or bun!



So as the season is changing, so has my hair products. Everything else I do is still pretty much the same, as far as how often I was my hair. I’ve recently been loving the Maui Moisture Curl Quench conditioner, which has coconut oil and papaya butter. It’s also silicone free which is always a plus. After I wash or co-wash and my hair is all detangled, I use the Camille Rose Naturals Honey Hydrate as a leave in conditioner. This product is bomb and smells so good. A little literally goes a long way, you do not need much of this product. But this will leave your hair defined but like I said a little goes a long way, because if you use too much it’ll weigh down your hair. After this I use SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Restore Smoothie to top it all off & let my hair air dry. I try to use a silk bonnet to protect my hair but I always get headaches I’m not sure why. So instead I have silk pillow cases and sleep freely lmao. 

As always we hope you guys enjoyed this post and learned some new tips or about some new products! Comment down below with you go to curly hair products. Until next time …

✌🏽& 💕

Ashley & Nydira


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