Christmas Gift Guide

Hey gyals, and welcome back! It’s December which means Christmas is right around the corner! And Christmas just happens to be one of our favorite holidays so we figured we would share our top 10 (in no specific order) Christmas gift ideas for anyone from a significant other to a coworker! Before we get into the post we also wanted hare our Christmas playlist with you guys, enjoy!

  1. Charms: Go to gift for anyone who has a charm bracelet. James Avery and Pandora both have really cute charms that can also be meaningful.
  2. Watch: Perfect for men or women! Everyone needs a good watch in their jewelry collection.
  3. Beauty Gift Set: Perfect for any girl who is into makeup, skin care, or hair care. Ulta and Sephora have some pretty nice ones.
  4. Gift Card: Because who wouldn’t love a gift card to shop at their favorite place and get exactly what they want.
  5. Personalized Photo Book: If you want a more meaningful gift. Shutterfly has nice ones or you can get an app called photo books which is pretty nice also.
  6. Candles: Because everyone loves candles right lol. Who doesn’t want their house/room to smell good.
  7. Perfume/Cologne: If the person you’re shopping for has a thing for perfume or cologne it is perfect to pick them out what you think would smell good on them or their favorite.
  8. iPad/Tablet: This is more pricey, but depending on who you’re buying this for it is a great gift they can use for many things. Work, school, & for fun.
  9. Apple Watch: This would make a great gift if the person you’re shopping for has an iPhone. It makes a great pair & cute accessory.
  10. Gift box/basket : Fill the box or basket with all their favorite things. Candy, socks, a mini candle anything you can think of that they like.

Hope you enjoyed the blog this week, and were able to pull a few gift ideas for your Christmas shopping list!

✌🏾 & ❀️

Nydira & Ashley


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